Our small cottage business began back in November 2015. It started with Movember; I grew a mustache and beard and tried to raise money for the charity. But at the end of the month, I decided not to shave and to see how long I could grow a beard. As my beard grew, I realized that just like my hair, it wasn't going to look after itself, and that's when I began looking into beard care products. The market was saturated, but I knew it hadn't reached its peak; there was plenty of fragrance choice, but that was all I could find. I already had a cosmetic background, having worked as a scientist in the laboratory of a company that produced cosmetics for all the world's big names. So I began researching various natural and organic oils and their properties. After one year, we launched 3 oils; the difference, each one tailored to a different skin type. We now have a Beard Salve and a beard oil available for dry skin, normal skin and oily skin and a convenient little mustache wax to compliment the 3. All are packed full of prized organic oils; we might not be the cheapest, but neither is the price of our raw ingredients. All our organic ingredients are soil association certified organic. Now, 2 years on, we have a range of male grooming items focused on leather and wood, natural and made in-house.